Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Now that I am open to the experience, I see miracles every day. Amazing, wondrous, beautiful miracles. Some of these things might not seem so marvelous to anyone as they feel to me, and that's okay, and some of these things are far too unbelievable for me to ever share here on my blog, because it hurts me when you don't believe. But some I can share, actually I must share them with you. Like the story of the feathers.

The first feather. There's a barn owl at the zoo. The last time we went there, he gave me a feather. First, though, he bowed his head and made himself look just like a little monk. Then, without lifting his head he pointed with his beak. When I didn't understand, he picked up one foot and pointed with one long toe and his beak both at the same time. I looked where he pointed and right outside his cage was a fluffy little feather from his chest. I thanked him for the lovely gift, and he lowered his head and closed his eyes, but looked more like he was in prayer than asleep.

The second feather is a beautiful perfect feather from the wing of a crow. This one is harder to talk about. Maybe some other time. It's too big to fit in my lovely medicine bag that Randy and Claudia made, so I think I'll attach it to one of the fringes, perhaps with a clay bead my children made. We have quite a few that are too small to fit on big sister's dreads anymore. I don't know, though. Spirit is not helping me, but I feel there's something in particular I am to do with this feather. Perhaps when the time comes that I can talk about how it came to me I will know what to do with it.


Jen-Jen said...

I totally believe that about the owl. What a powerful experience. So cool.

stacy said...

I really needed to hear someone say they believed me this morning. thank you very very much. I love you!!