Wednesday, March 21, 2012

getting healthier

healthcare in this society is about making money. the insurance companies and big pharma run the show, not the doctors, and certainly not the patients. realizing this fact is the first step i took towards healing. i got better. so can you.

your doctor doesn't have time to research each individual patient's unique situation. you have to do that yourself. some doctors don't want you doing it, but you have to if you want to find the latest information. go to and bring a dictionary.

before taking any medication, read the info sheet for yourself, don't take your doctor's word for anything.

your doctor works for you. you can fire him at any time for any reason and go find another one. most insurance companies cover a 2nd opinion 100% but you have to fill out the right paperwork first.

and if you go for a second opinion, don't go to a different doctor in the same practice, that defeats the whole purpose.

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