Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

My Mission: Get Organized and Declutter!!
no, really, I am going to get better organized in 2007. Been working on it a long time, making headway slowly. What's so weird is that when I was working outside the home, I'd spend most of my workdays cleaning and organizing my workspace regardless of what the job was. Need to somehow get back in that frame of mind, where I need order so I can do my job efficiently.

The tree came down yesterday. Before I can put all the decorations away, I have to finish cleaning out the livingroom closet. I have organized the wrapping paper, gift bags, the ornaments, even "Frank" our Halloween guy has his own place where I can find him. It's frightening the amount of things I thought I needed to keep that are now being thrown away. Maybe I should sell it all as a mystery box on ebay? LOL!

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