Monday, August 20, 2007

girl talk

consider yourself warned.
This post may not be suitable for people born with external genitalia.

Okay then.

Many of you know that I have rather severe endometriosis, which causes extreme pain for me especially during menses. Well, not any more it doesn't! I have experienced periods without pain recently, but that is generally the exception rather than the rule. But never, not until now, have I experienced a period as a healthy, normal bodily function, as something good for me. I'm not fighting it, dreading it, afraid of it, and while the experience is undeniably intense (for lack of a better word), it doesn't hurt! Anyway, I will be back to blogging when this is all over, with a brand new outlook on the things happening in our world. Shouldn't be more than a day or two more.


Jen-Jen said...

That is so awesome!

Clare said...

Enjoy it :-) People (drs etc.) don't really believe me when I say I've only had 4 periods in the last 5 years LOL...with so long without them, I have to say I look forward to them, having found them a real pain before having children. I started using cloth pads after having my oldest, too, so I look forward to using them as well - saddo that I am! I'm thinking of trying a mooncup one day when things settle down.