Monday, February 19, 2007

not again!

The girls and I are sick. Not bad sick, but enough to make us all fussy and whiney. Started out as a little bit of tummy distress Saturday evening after the party, turned into full-blown poopage and even an itchy rash on younger DD's and my skin last night. It's got to be diet-related, but there's no way of knowing what exactly did it to us. There was the one family *accidentally* brought McDonald's crap into my kitchen and it may have caused a gluten cross-contamination issue at the party. The teff flour I decided to try recently might not agree with us. It might just be from eating way more sugar than our bodies are used to eating. DH thinks it's the juice, but I didn't have any. Sugar... it could be candida, but that rarely bothers my older child. Or maybe it's something else altogether, something new, or something we have been eating without issue all along that has just now decided to bother us because we ate more of it lately than usual. Hm... it could even be the vegan cheese (yuck!) I decided to try recently in an attempt to cut back on how much dairy we consume. Life was so much simpler before I started recognizing food sensitivities in myself and in my children. I could eat whatever I wanted and not feel any sicker than I always felt. It's not fair how getting healthier makes you notice when you aren't feeling well, when before it didn't bother me at all because I always felt bad. If it weren't for the major behavioral consequences of those food sensitivities in my oldest child, we'd still be eating anything and everything we want. UGH

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