Saturday, December 15, 2007


Youngest child has suddenly stopped nursing. Her big sister weaned very very gradually, slowly cutting back a little at a time. Littlest one had never gone an entire 24 hours without nursing, not once. If she doesn't nurse today, it will be three days. Many mixed emotions, I realize some of it (most of it perhaps) is hormonal. Elated at the prospect of bras without flaps. Proud of myself for allowing her to decide when she was ready to wean, because it's important to me that my children listen to what their bodies are telling them. And there's a melancholy feeling I just can't shake. My babies are growing up so fast.


Heather said...


I can't believe that child is big enough to walk, let alone wean!

I still get a little weepy thing about my babies weanings...

Nice bras are a great result though!

stacy said...

it was just two days. she nursed twice yesterday (but not all day long like I thought might happen). she has also decided to wear diapers again. *sigh* two steps forward, one step back. LOL

Diva Carla said...

Stacy, I found your blog! I talked to a mother once who was emotional but satisfied. She had just had a weaning ceremony with her three year old son, and last baby. I wish I had known to do that when mine were babies.

A month later, how do things sit, with weaning and diapers?

stacy said...

she isn't nursing every day anymore, hasn't skipped more than two days in a row yet. When big sister was her age, she was nursing much less often, and still didn't wean until shortly after her fifth birthday!

still in diapers at night, and sometimes during day, too. lots of accidents. she just isn't as ready as she wants to be.