Wednesday, May 21, 2008

got some things to talk about

Whoa, oh, what i want to know
will you come with me?

trying to get anybody excited about helping out the Longest Walk is the most discouraging endeavor I have ever undertaken. (undertaken? does that make me an undertaker? haha)

seriously, some people have offered to bring some food, and there's one person, Tammera Hicks, who has been a HUGE help. She found the campsite, after I kept running into brick wall after brick wall, she got it taken care of, and I couldn't thank her enough for all the help she's been. I honestly thought this was such a big deal that there'd be hundreds of local volunteers signed up to help out, and I was the only one here in town who did. I never intended to do more than help prepare food. Nobody else stepped up to the plate, but there's plenty who have problems with the things I have done. well...??? uh...

anybody reading this? well, we need volunteers to help out with food when the Longest Walk comes through Chattanooga. All I'm trying to accomplish is getting together enough food to feed about 200 people. that's all. I figured a pot-luck would be the cheapest, easiest way for people to contribute. Anybody can cook a pot of beans, you would think.


vicenta said...

Hi stacy,

have you taken into consideration to offer a number of bank account to collect money ?

some people can't give time neither food but would be glad to help giving some money, then you copuld buy whatever necessary.

don't know if this could be legally possible, is just an idea.

hope longest walk will be succesful.

the catalan indian


stacy said...

i have problems with that. people want to give money, so they don't have to really be involved, but can feel like they've done something.

there is a page at the website where people can donate moneys if that's what they want to do.

vicenta said...
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Anonymous said...

You can visit our website to make donations of funds.

here is a link to the page:

donate page

vicenta said...
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Janet said...

Keep on pushin' and know that you make a difference. (yeah, yeah, would be nicer if there were some others making a difference too???- they are in their own way that we don't have control over)