Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I believe that eggshell came from the doves' nest in the eaves of our house, but I am not certain of that. Yesterday I watched as the baby robins learned to fly. They still have fuzzy feathers poking up in all directions, and can't fly more than about ten feet before having to stop for a rest. This morning, it was a baby mockingbird came to visit me. So sweet. Doesn't have the white stripes in his tail feathers yet but he was flipping that tail just like any grown-up mockingbird.

Big Mama Bunny Rabbit must have had her new babies. The bigger babies have been kicked out of the nest, and are hopping around in the ditch behind our house as I type this. We'll just think of them as hawk food, and hope they leave me a few veggies from my garden this year.

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