Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Morning Ramblings

The doves have built their nest taller as their babies have gotten bigger. I often see a little head poking up, looking out at the world, and I sometimes even get to watch as the parents feed their little ones. They will stop and look at me watching them, then just go about their business.

My pink roses in the front yard are almost ready to start blooming. Almost. The red roses are in full swing, though recent rains have left the branches drooping under the weight of all those wet blooms. Irises are done, cleaned up the mess this morning, some of it anyway. Time to mow down the daffodil leaves, they look raggedy. Something that looks like trumpet vine is coming up EVERYWHERE, even in the driveway. Birds must have brought it somehow, I sure didn't plant the stuff. When I go outside, everything smells of rain and roses and honeysuckle (try as I may, I will never defeat that Japanese Honeysuckle. I will not give up the fight!!). And, best of all, there are a bajillion (yes, a bajillion) flower buds on my gardenia bushes. :-)

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