Thursday, December 7, 2006

busy today

I really feel like I've accomplished something today. But, since the things I've made are all to be given as gifts, I can't share them yet. I will take photos to share after the recipients get a chance to see them first. :)

what looks like snow clouds have rolled in, and it has begun to flurry. Funny, my gardenia is still trying to bloom!! Noticed neighbor's gardenia is also blooming right now. (For those who don't know, Gardenias are about the pickiest blooming shrubs in existence, and only bloom in early summer... usually anyway.) This is the first time in ages I've actually wished for snow. The girls would really like to see it. Last time we got any snow, my oldest child wasn't even two years old yet and she no longer remembers it at all. *sigh*

Saw my chiropractor today. Hadn't been back to yoga class since the "camel" pose about made my back go out on me last week. Amazingly, as soon as he adjusted my neck, my sinuses cleared and I don't have the bloody boogers anymore! Hey, whatever works... Hoping this means no headaches for a while. Maybe I'll get the kids dressed and go to yoga tonight. Maybe not. Need to figure something out for dinner first, and see if they will eat and be ready in time to be at the Y by 5. Doesn't seem too likely at this rate. Husband was recently bumped over to second shift, and we are still adjusting to it. Unfortunately, just like last time he worked evenings, the girls won't go to bed until after he gets home. That means we don't get up until rather late, and by then the day's half over. I'm such a morning person, I just can't function when I stay up too late. How did I manage to have a family of night owls???

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