Saturday, December 16, 2006

the weather has turned lovely again, no more frigid cold! woohoo! I seem to finally be in the groove as far as gift-making is concerned. I finished up a fantastic project for a little friend, and I want to keep it myself!! That's okay, I can always make more, this one was specially for a certain person. But now I also need to make her sisters similar items, because this one is way too cool. :) I have made my girls each a skirt, similar to Fay's skirt pictured below. I have made DH a couple welding hats, even gave him one (in the same pink fabrics as those skirts - teeheehee. welders are an odd bunch, and nobody would ever dare question my husband's masculinity for wearing a pink hat) because I needed to make sure I had the pattern and the size right. I have also made a shopping bag full of plush aliens. They look more like dog toys to me than kid toys, but... oh well. Maybe I'll make more of them with squeakers inside to sell on Etsy as dog toys, later, after the holidays.
Here's a fun little handbag I made for a friend of a friend...

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