Monday, December 11, 2006

not much to tell. We had a rather uneventful, lazy weekend. DH worked overtime, and seems to be intent on ruining my plans of not spending money on xmas this year... whatever! I made all the gifts I'm giving, if he wants to go out and buy meaningless gift cards for his family, he can do that himself. I did go to Barnes and Noble (online) and bought books to put in our stockings with the money I had in my PayPal from things I had made and sold. But it doesn't feel like I spent any money because it didn't come out of our checking account. I seem to be getting over the cold or whatever bug I had, but am still stuffy and felt pretty bad around bedtime the last few nights. Mornings are so much better for me. I got a lot of things made, all I gotta do is figure out who gets what, wrap and mail out a little something special for JenJen's birthday and her son's xmas, and finish up the girls' gifts. Should be doing that now, while they are still asleep!! Kids want to go to the zoo today, at least it's warmed up from last week.

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