Tuesday, December 12, 2006

tooth fairy!!

The tooth fairy visited our house last night for the first time. Little sister pulled DD's loose tooth acidentally, but it was time. It didn't hurt nor did it bleed and she says she can feel something hard in the place where the old tooth was. Crazy kid had a death grip on the tooth fairy doll Miss Heather made for her all night long (link), and wasn't sleeping very deeply I suppose in hopes of catching a glimpse of the magical creature, so the tooth fairy had to leave the tooth behind and put the money under her pillow. That's cool, I wanted to save the tooth in her baby book anyway. Didn't want to until I actually saw it, and knew I couldn't just throw it away. Husband told me to leave $5! My goodness! I don't remember teeth being worth quite so much, but it was thirty years ago... Maybe now she'll eat. Hasn't had much of an appetite since the tooth became loose.

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