Saturday, July 21, 2007

another executive order

My husband couldn't believe me when I told him about this one...

in other words, if the Secretary of the Treasury decides that you have committed or pose a risk of committing an act of violence in attempt to undermine US efforts in Iraq, they can take all your money and all your property, without any notice, and without a trial. Not only that, but if you have contributed a donation to any group or person that might pose a risk of committing such an act, they can take your stuff, too. yup, it's not a very big step, much less a leap, to go from this to saying it's now illegal to protest the war. Especially since there is to be no prior notice, and no trial for the accused. lots of conspiracists are talking about this being the first step towards the government seizing our property and rounding us up into concentration camps. Personally, I think they just want us to be afraid, all of us. That way we will be much more likely to believe it when the "good" government finally steps in and saves us from the "evil" government.

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