Sunday, July 29, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

so we went to the movies last night, just me and DH. Yup, a for-real date, on a Saturday night, no less! We talked about Sicko, but went to see the new Die Hard movie instead since I got to pick the last movie we saw, the 2nd Pirates movie (decided to wait and get the third one from Netflix when it comes out on dvd). It was pretty good, actually. Besides the whole government saving everyone from the bad guys story line, which rubs me the wrong way, it wasn't bad. I found it pretty cool how the movie pointed out the fact that our entire money system is nothing but numbers in computers, and as such, is vulnerable to attack. The violence wasn't too upsetting for me, since it was pretty fake. I have this thing for shaved heads, so Bruce Willis' shiny head look was a nice bonus. :)

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