Friday, July 13, 2007

cloth diapers

my babies, when they were infants up until they learned to walk, each went through about a dozen diapers every day. Both children were much too sensitive to leave them sitting around in their own waste, even if the diaper could easily absorb more, it would cause a horrible rash. The Huggies I used on big sister contained chemicals that irritated her skin far worse than the urine or feces did. It was the only brand we could use, though, the others were even worse. Even so, I had to open the package and let the diapers outgas for about a week before I could use them. Is it any wonder that when I first met Heather who was using cloth diapers, I started thinking about making the switch? Sure, I had thought about it before, looking at the mountains of trash we were setting out to the curb each week. But it always seemed too much effort, too much time, too much work. What convinced me, finally, was when I added up how much we were spending on things that were only meant to be disposed! We had to buy the most expensive wipes on the market, because they were the only fragrance-free option. It was really adding up. What I spent in one month on disposables for J is not much less than what I've spent on all cloth diapers and wipes for both children combined, even considering the high dollar fancy pocket diapers I bought after joining a certain cloth diaper online message forum. And then I resold many of the diapers and covers, after my children had used them and outgrown them, for a PROFIT! As for the time and effort, it's about the same either way to carry a garbage bag outside and put it in the bin as it is to carry a laundry basket downstairs and load the washer. Someone has to put the diapers in the dryer or hang them on the clothesline and fold them when they are dry, but with a baby in the house, the washing machine runs pretty much constantly anyway, and I see doing laundry as a welcome escape from dishes and other much less pleasant chores. Though I must add that without my husband's help, none of us would ever have had any clean clothes to wear or clean dishes to eat with.

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