Tuesday, July 10, 2007


yeah, mazes. You know, those puzzles where you have to find a path from one place to another? Well, my oldest child is crazy for them, but the ones we were finding (like in her Ranger Rick magazine) were just too easy. So I've been drawing my own mazes for her. I was also guilty of making them too easy at first. It can be rather disappointing to spend 20 minutes drawing up a maze that my child can solve in two minutes flat! But I'm getting better at making them more difficult, but still not too hard where she would get discouraged and upset. anyway, that's what I've been up to lately. Was feeling a bit under the weather last weekend, and DH went out of town on a motorcycle camping trip, so that's what I did. After the first ten or so mazes, I started thinking I should probably try to print out some copies and make like a booklet or something.... (but that would involve getting a new scanner and a decent printer, or maybe taking the originals down to Kinko's or somewhere like that)

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