Thursday, July 26, 2007

who decided labor unions were the bad guys?

to answer my own question, it certainly wasn't the workers who would otherwise be making minimum wage, with no benefits, and turning out inferior products because of a lack of pride in workmanship!!

Get ready, because when the economy crumbles just like the rest of the corrupt system under which we are governed (and we might postpone the inevitable, but it is bound to happen sooner rather than later, unless, of course, the people decide they'd rather be fooled again and choose not to accept responsibility for their own actions) those white collar jobs and college degrees won't count for shit. You have to start asking yourself, what can I do for my community? What skills do I possess that will help the people closest to me and contribute to the new society?


BUT WAIT!!! The chart on the left-hand side is even more telling than the article...
and again, the reader comments appear to be manufactured to some extent, leading the discussion in a certain direction, away from the real issues at hand.

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