Wednesday, July 11, 2007


"What an attack on the independence of a person’s mind represents is an attack on the very principle of self-ownership. It would not be hyperbole to say that if any government went about a plan of forcibly tampering with the volitional abilities of the human person, such a government would have engendered itself with an evil beyond that of any, or indeed all, previous man-made evils. No slave-master, however cruel, could reach the deepest caverns of the mind. No slave, however coercive the duress which he suffered, was ever robbed of the ability to morally judge the actions he was forced to carry out. Without a mind, the individual person ceases to exist." link

The experiments showed the methods to be effective. We are not allowed to make our own decisions, and most people seemingly welcome the chance to delegate responsibility to an authority. There is no longer any need to keep MKULTRA a secret from the people. We are under the spell. Well, enough are anyway.

For example (just one of many), women experience it during pregnancy and when giving birth, the most natural of all body functions. we are treated as though we have a disease and the doctors have the cure. we are tested and poked and prodded regularly, starting shortly after the fertilized egg implants into our womb. We are told what to eat, and given long lists of foods to avoid, other long lists of things we cannot do. nothing we say we know makes any difference if the machines do not agree. Extra pressure is applied to those women who insist upon listening to their bodies and their hearts rather than obeying the all-mighty doctor. Birth, which has the potential for being the most empowering experience known to humankind, becomes something so traumatic that we seek medications to make the (primarily emotional) pain go away.

Then, as if to make matters worse, baby is taken away from Mother and poked and prodded, given injections containing harmful chemicals. Some babies are even brutally mutilated (dare I call it sexual abuse?) for no reason other than fashion. Baby is told when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat. Mothers who breastfeed find this very difficult indeed, as baby doesn't know the rules. Baby learns that Mother cannot protect him from the authorities, right from the get-go. Baby learns to be afraid, because Mother is afraid.

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Anam_Kihaku said...

a quick point - that seems to only happen in the USA - countries outside of the USA remember that we are human not machines.

stacy said...

all governments play the same game, as laid out by Plato, else they would not be able to control the people nor stay in power. Perhaps the US government is better at it than others? I don't think so.

If all people were making their own decisions rather than obeying commands, there would be no war. Does a country exist that has no army and has never used mass murder as an excuse to make money for a select few?

some recent examples from Europe, if you still doubt:
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We're all in this together, no matter where we live.

stacy said...

the second link got messed up
here it is again

stacy said...

here are more examples from UK news: