Monday, July 2, 2007

Zeitgeist movie ... my review, part I


I was rather disappointed with the first part of the movie. The problem, when dealing with spirituality, is that we are attempting to talk objectively about the ultimate in subjective experiences/beliefs.

Organized religions take the "I AM" out of it, and screw it up terribly by pointing to some man-made objective "absolute" truth instead, and have most definitely been used by the oppressors to control the people throughout history.

But that doesn't mean there isn't something in their teachings that touches that part of us, deep down inside, that recognizes Spirit, Truth, Nature, God, whatever you wanna call the indescribable. I don't think that pointing out the similarities between different religions proves anything one way or another.

Some of the changes I perceive happening right now are spiritual in nature. I've encountered lots of those "One Love" people (I think that's what some are calling it), and I feel what it is they are feeling, though I have a slightly different take on it, but that's just how I am. I recognize them on the street or in the grocery store or the post office, and it's truly an amazing thing to feel love pouring out at you from strangers, and to give it back in return. It's even more amazing to pour love out at someone you don't know, someone who looks like they are having a really bad day, and to watch their face light up and come alive!

We are not souls trapped inside bodies, waiting to be freed (which, by the way, is a Platonic notion, not a Christian one, but ask most Christians if they do believe in some sort of body/soul duality...). We are a combination of spirit, body, life, and mind ...water, earth, air, and fire. Ignore any one of those aspects, and the others suffer. Yes, the mind of the people has atrophied due to public education among other things. This is very important. But our spirit has also atrophied due to organized religion. Our bodies are not healthy due to polution and environmental toxins, food allergies gone neglected, not to mention overuse of medications, vaccinations, and other forms of "preventive" medicine. As for life, that is what animates us. I'm not sure most people even know what that is anymore, it is such a foreign concept to the way we live today. I suggest that the goal, however, is to be fully alive, to live our own lives rather than the lives others have chosen for us.

To my point of view, the many different ways organized religions have been used to enable abuse against the people are very very important. I think this film missed the mark, slightly. But, it would take several more hours to explain what it is I'm trying to say, just as regards xtianity alone, much less address any of the other world's religions. I suppose the people who made Zeitgeist ran into the same time constraints and chose the bits they felt to be the most important, or perhaps the most thought-provoking...


Anonymous said...

Well although this movie has some SCAWY music and some very flashy sounds it is laden with falsities. Uncountable falsities about religion and the origins of man. At NO TIME IN MANS HISTORY was the SOUTHERN CROSS viewable by people above 30 degrees latitude south. Therefore Egyptians and others above the equator or parallel to it would have no knowledge of the southern cross. Horus was a GOD not man and was not crucified at all. In real history Ra is the sun god and later becomes confused with Horus mostly attestable to the greeks. Horus is the god of TWO eyes the MOON and SUN. Hours comes from the Greek HORAE who were goddess of order and later came to mean the progression of time. Horus is not depicted on the Eqyptian hieroglyph in this movie it is the king Akhenaten so that goes out the window. There is a mention of Krishna Attis Dionysus Mithra and others having the same birth dates as Jesus and similar life stories......FALSE. Attis not crucified and was a god not a man, Krishna in the GITA shows his GOD image to Arjuna and this is attestable to the arch angel Michael who is a perfect extension of god. Michael is seen as having many faces and represented as a warrior amongst the arch angels. Exactly what is revealed to arjuna before his epic battle in that portion of the Mahabarata. Krishna was not crucified and was born on the date july 19th he was wounded by an arrow and died. Mohammed is actually listed on a piece of paper that slips by with the name Xaca as also crucified to compound the "reality and gravity" of what is in truth garbage. Mohammed was not born on DEC 25 as were any of the others listed. Mohammed was born on JUNE 8th and died after falling ill as did Xaca which is another was of saying Buddha. The Buddhas mother was MAYA which literally translates to ILLUSION... be wary of false gods and false prophets. The "reclining" Buddha so often heard of comes from his postion at the time of his death after becoming ill. At the time of his death the buddha said dont say that we have no master now....all created things must end. God is Creational not of Creation. Mithra was not Crucified and was not BORN on Dec 25th more rubbish he was a god and is of origin which is obscured by subsequent invasion and redifining of his role as a deity. The SUN as center of the astrological I mistaken or do we view the zodiac from the EARTH.....the sun is not the center of the viewable zodiac the earth is and is depicted as such in many drawings. The mitre started off as a simple low rounded cap and become what it is in modern times and is not some SIGN of the age of pices...that is laughable. SARGON although having similar stories of origin to MOSES is chronicled in the writings of the 7th century Assyrians and therefore much after the time of Moses. Our knowledge of history is limited and so it would seem correct if not put in perspective. Minos is a king and a mythical tyrant nor is ther any correlation to Moses. Now comes an interesting note NEMO is some how related to MOSES in this dung heap of a film NEMO in latin means.... NO MAN or NO ONE.... WHOM is at work here in this film I ask you.

Anonymous said...

Evil lies in men and men do evil in the name of good. The inquistion was evil and done by the church and by individual men who have FREE will granted by god because he is loving and gives us many gifts. The past evils of individuals under the name of the church are just that past evils done by MEN who chose to do evil not by Jesus or GOD. Jesus was a rebel and not a slave.....he bucked the system and did not follow it. We are meant to be stewards of the earth and not abuse it, we are meant to live with love... for those that know god know love and those that know love will know god. Not kill one another out of greed.
The Mark of the Beast described in Revelations chapter 13 is one of the most interesting portions of Bible Prophecy. First here's the actual verses:
And [the Antichrist] causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
And that no man might buy or sell, save [except] he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Rev 13:16-18
There is truth and lie in this the detriment of us all if we forget that we are spiritual beings on this physical journey. That we are meant to follow a covenant with god to prevent what is described in Revelations as the NEW WORLD ORDER! George Bush I would never defend. Lies secrecy and scandal abound today. As we travel further from God the world spins ever out of control. Religion is not to enslave but to set you free.....question your government.....why are we killing innocents for profit? Question why the NEW WORLD ORDER is running your life.....Jesus would have. Don't use falsities and half truths to mar Christianity. If we followed what god hopes for us in the message of Christ Jesus would we be in the trouble we are today......the answer is The Devil hopes we turn from god but worship the god of finance. Moses warning has returned......we worship the calf again and it stands in the shape of a cast bull on wall street. READ THAT AGAIN. The golden cow has replaced our GOD.

Heather said...

Is there a scratching your head icon I can use?

I strive to follow Jesus and I'm not afraid to have my name attached to anything I have to say about him or this movie.

There was good information there. There was not so good, hyped up inflammatory information there.

But the point is valid... using RELIGION to enslave the masses and bring them into fearful submission is a distortion of the message of Christ and the freedom he came to bring.

Anonymous said...

I must say that all of the comments have a good point to them...My advice would be to keep searching for the truth and it will set you free. Never be stagnant, because once you do, you won't grow, and when you don't grow, you die. So many beliefs on how to get to heaven...I just picture people all over the world, jumping and jumping and jumping trying to get to heaven. Some get tired, and they look for comfort on a comfy couch and t.v., and then there are those who search for the truth and keep searching...they are the one's closest to being with God. There is no end to the truth, it is all that is...And it will take a huge amount of discomfort until we finally are join in union with the Creator of Light.

Anonymous said...

well i'm not sure about the stuff about horus BUT i am sure of the facts about mithras and astrology. and to counter what someone said earlier about the sun being in the center of the zodiac, it is because in exoteric tradition, when someone says the sun is in the house of ______, it is actually referring to the sign opposite to what the sun is actually in to symbolize shining light onto earth (earth being _____). but in esoteric tradition, the when someone says that, the sun is actually in said sign, and it was believed that the exoteric version of astrology can discover earthly truths, but the esoteric can discover heavenly (spiritual) truths.

Anonymous said...

The 1st poster is WRONG about Mithra. Mithra's birthday WAS INDEED celebrated on DECEMBER 25th. Most of the other 'facts' in his post are wrong too, but I don't have time to dismantle them. Also, yes, Horus was a god, but SO WAS JESUS. JESUS in christianity is part of the trinity and IS GOD. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wasn't born on December 25th. That was lied to us by the semi-pagan Roman Catholic Church which by the way is the one behind the Zeitgeist- and the Da Vinci code movies.

Jesus was probably born in march. Btw, the Bible didn't specifically say the date Jesus was born because for God, that date isn't important. For God to remember and follow Jesus everyday, that has importance.

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man with desire said...

This article refutes and disproves claims of Zeitgeist movie, from the part of Christianity:

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Anonymous said...

I love this game :)

stacy said...

@anon i hate this fucking game and i want it to stop.

i wouldn't have ever started talking about politics and religion and other such nastiness if i didn't want it to stop. it would be so much easier if i could just get with the newage program and deny all the nasty stuff and only think "good/happy" thoughts. but i can't do that.

Anonymous said...

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