Monday, July 9, 2007


Illegal immigrants find refuge in holy places

the reader comments after the article are unbelievable!! What have these people done to be called "criminals" - have they hurt anyone? The law is what creates criminals. We certainly don't need more laws, more prisons, more law-givers, and law-enforcers. We need to treat everyone with the same respect we deserve ourselves. The Golden Rule. That's all we need, y'all.

wow! over 900 comments now, most of them quite nasty (it was around 300 when I first read it this morning). The way I see it, the problem with "illegal" immigrants (and just how can a PERSON be "illegal" I want to know) is that they work for a tiny fraction of a decent, living wage. The corporations that hire them don't want them living here legally, then they'd have to give them better pay and benefits. Those corporations have lots more pull in politics than we people, so they get to decide what laws are passed and which ones are not. It's not like I want to work in a carpet mill in Dalton, Georgia, which is where most of the local "illegals" are employed. Would it hurt me at all if they were paid decent wages? What would it hurt anyone, besides the corporations that don't want to pay their workers, to stop this silly prosecution and persecution of innocent people? And I still have to wonder if people really mirror the sentiments expressed in the comments on these mainstream news media websites, or if the comments are loaded by those who wish the power to control public opinion????

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Anam_Kihaku said...

illegal immigrants do not pay taxes as a whole, they are nto insuraned byt he companies employing them. you live in a county that is run as a business. people like a scrapegoat and they blame people who want to come to the usa for anythign bad that happens. people forget their history and where they came from.

have gone through the process of getting a visa to live in another country, i totally understand why some people break the law and sneak in becuase it is expensive - currently $20K + for a usa wokring visa and time consuming - up to 7 years before it is given.

they are deemed criminal becuase they broke the law first - even if the law is a crock of shite. anything that happens after that doesnt matter - only the first break of the law is what counts for most people.

people in the usa need to remember their history. unless you can count yourself 100% native indian, you too were an illegal immigrant to the usa.