Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the News, or why I read USAtoday

Way back in 2001, I was addicted to the morning news. I hadn't missed more than a handful of episodes of the Today show in several years. And then 9/11 happened. I watched in horror as Matt Lauer related events that were happening right there in my beloved New York City. (I do have a vague recollection of Matt saying something about an explosion a split second before the first tower fell.) Our TV stayed on for two or three days, I didn't want to miss anything important. I was becoming increasingly upset with the war-talk. As I turned off my television, I said to myself, "people can't possibly believe all this shit!"

I watched in terror as the country fooled itself into another war, one I just knew was gonna be a big one. I couldn't even read the newspaper anymore, I would get so upset and was known to yell at the paper as though the reporter might somehow hear me (I must admit that at that time, I was also hit quite hard with PPD and PTSD following the birth of my first child earlier that year). I had to remove the news from my life because of how upset it made me to see how easily public opinion can be created and maintained by lies. Now people are starting to wake up, to question things, and I see more lies and more fabricated public opinion being thrown at us, seemingly in attempt to prevent us from getting all the way to the truth, to prevent us from creating any real change in our world. I read USAtoday online every morning. I want to see what crap is being fed to the truth-starved masses, telling us what to believe and what to think so we don't have to bother doing it for ourselves. This is what we're up against. link

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Minnie~Knits said...

preach it SISTER!!!

This blog entry is Perfect. Why can't anyone think with their own brain?

Our society is all about soundbytes, and "talking points". I have watched as more lies get swept under the rug because something more "interesting" happens, and the news pays no attention to the latest political corruption; because they have bigger ratings somewhere else...pathetic.

It's a sad day, when something is only "important" IF nothing else happens which is more "newsworthy".

Also; I've noticed a lot of crappy political decisions get made on a Friday. When people aren't paying as much attention. Sigh.