Friday, April 27, 2007

declaring war

on the bunnies! Those cute, furry nibblers who decimated my lovely corn, squash and beans I tried to grow last year have now attacked our newly sprouted sunflowers of all things! It's not like very much actually survived that cold spell last month after I had already planted seeds and transplanted seedlings outdoors. It's not like they don't have plenty of other stuff to eat. Why can't they at least leave it long enough to bloom and set fruit or vegetables? I always plant more than my family would eat, well, provided it lives long enough. Baby spinach seems to still be left alone, and I planted lots of kale all around the perimeter just like my Gramma always used to do. It worked for her, the bunnies would eat the kale and leave the other stuff alone. I also went back to Ace Hardware, where they have those big packets of Mayo seeds on sale for 99 cents, and bought lots more, all different kinds of seeds. Surely out of all that, some of it will survive. Maybe I should have gotten the prickly okra instead of the spineless? Maybe they will at least leave me some turnips? I dunno... we'll see. My kids would never let me live it down if I carried out my threat to eat the bunnies. But maybe that's what's wrong, their only predators are the neighbor's housecats that sneak outside, and none of them seem interested in chasing after rabbits. *sigh* I should probably just put some sort of fence up, don't know why I'm so reluctant to do that.

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Jen-Jen said...

Would one of those plastic owl statues scare them off?