Thursday, April 26, 2007

roll call

link I hate that our local paper never tells you how our politicians vote in congress. Or if they do, they bury it way deep in something like Tuesday's paper where nobody can find it. I think it should be front page, huge headlines. Everyone should be aware of what our elected officials are up to. Here's the low-down on yesterday's vote on a bill to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq. Not that it suprises me at all to see that Zack Wamp voted against it. He's always been a republican suck-ass and will do whatever the money people tell him to do without giving it a single thought, much less a second one. When I send him letters or make phone calls, he replies with sending me newspaper articles telling me how wrong I am. At least he replies to me, I guess, even if it is a form letter. But how does having it printed in some newspaper make something true? Either he's really stupid, or he thinks I am. Maybe there's a third option I haven't thought of, I'm really uncomfortable with either of those.

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