Wednesday, April 4, 2007

weather woes

I was starting to think maybe I waited too long to start planting in the garden... Now it's turned a bit chilly and we're even expecting frost this weekend! ACK! At least the spinach will be okay, it likes cold (and I sowed more spinach seeds just yesterday). *sigh* That's Springtime in Tennessee for ya'.

on other fronts, I have completed my first project using the new old Kenmore sewing machine and am loving it! Spent about half the time I normally would have using the Singer, and did a better job at it, too. Was starting to wonder if I were blaming my own shortcomings on the cruddy sewing machine I had, but turns out I'm a much better seamstress than I realized. I suppose you are only as good as the tools you use. Perhaps using that other machine has made me better, because I had to be so careful of what I was doing all the time?

Little one's doctor visit went very well yesterday (had to have a physical exam prior to going to the hospital to have her teeth fixed), though we did have to wait about two freakin' hours! Apparently there's a flu epidemic here that I was unaware of. Even got to talk about cloth diapers with another mom in the waiting room. I could tell she was okay when she carried her baby in her arms, rather than hauling him around in the baby bucket. The doctor asked me why I didn't want my children vaccinated, then seemed to agree with me when I explained my reasoning to her. She wanted to know all about the gluten sensitivity, and probably would have talked to me for hours about that if she'd had the time for it. Did mention that I should try cutting back on how much my child nurses, but I was expecting her to say that. She did not look at me like I had three heads because my three year old still nurses multiple times each day, nor did she even utter the word "wean". She didn't even fuss at me for not bringing my kids in for regular check-ups. Overall, one of the most positive experiences I've ever had with a doctor. Maybe they aren't all agents of the devil after all.


Gabe's mommy said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the congrats!! I didn't think anyone even read Gabe's blog anymore 'cept Nana! LOL! I've been thinking of you all a lot lately - especially this week my buds have been on my mind heavily. Glad you (finally) had such a good experience with a dr and I hope the teeth fixin goes well. Take care of you and hubby and those sweet girls! We miss you! (HUGS)

Anam_Kihaku said...

glad the doctors went well and the new sewing mahcine is cool.