Sunday, April 15, 2007

no more junk room

the room formerly known as the "junk room" is no longer. It's a bedroom now, with a brand new king size bed. The whole family fits comfortably, and we all four of us slept together last night for the first time in... well, for the second time ever! Not only that, but the "toy room" also has a bed, though a much smaller full/double size, and will soon be transformed into a bedroom as well. I was slaying dust monsters all day yesterday. Not dust bunnies, these were huge, with teeth and attitude! I feel almost like, nearly nine years later, we are finally making this house, that used to be my parents' house, ours. Major decluttering has been happening, but we aren't anywhere near done with it yet. My insane attachment to things that only serve to remind me of an unpleasant past... well, that can't be healthy, and I'm really working on it.

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Jen-Jen said...

That's great! Decluttering is really lightening.