Sunday, April 15, 2007

gluten-free recipes I want to try

link Too bad rice flour is not an option for my family, and I try my best to make things with as little sugar as possible. I'll have to continue to experiment, but i love searching other people's recipes for new ideas. Generally, I use a combination of equal parts of the following: arrowroot flour/starch, quinoa flour, and soya powder. I always mix the dry and wet ingredients separately, then fold them together just until the dry gets wet all the way through (lumps are even more important when cooking without gluten). I have had okay results using Chebe all purpose bread mix in certain recipes (biscuits, pizza crust, etc), but should probably just purchase the tapioca flour and tapioca starch instead. I have perfected muffins and pancakes, and sometimes have made really great cookies through trial and error. But I can't really share my recipes because I don't measure anything exactly. I just make the mixture look right, and I cook it until it smells done.

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