Tuesday, April 10, 2007

help, ideas needed!

Now then, J wants a birthday party, like, next week. UGH! I am so unprepared. Need to get on the phone but it seems nobody ever answers when I try, so I don't bother trying much anymore. Anyway, as I already posted, she's having a dance party, with music, and dress ups, and stuff of that nature. She's also inviting a few boys, which is where I need help. What sort of dress ups would suit little boys at a dance party? I have no problem with them wearing the tutus and skirts, but... Not only that, but I have no idea what day the party is going to be!! Saturday the 21st is her actual birthday, but Saturdays just don't work for our little friends whose parents are divorced, so she wants it to be before her birthday. At this point, I'm starting to think after would work best, give me that much more time to figure out what I'm gonna do! Especially since we are also excitedly anticipating visitors from out of town to stay here with us around the same time, and I still don't have anywhere for them to sleep (DH promised he's going to look into purchasing a mattress today after work). The music of choice is Dan Zanes. But my little DJ has also chosen a very eclectic mix of tunes ranging from "Funky Stuff" greatest funk/disco/dance songs ever to Vivaldis Four Seasons (which I do not have on cd). It promises to be quite interesting indeed.

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