Wednesday, April 11, 2007

thrift store goodies

Went thrifting Monday. Apparently so did the rest of the population that did not have to go to work the day after Easter....

so I got this fabric. Wait! Really, I did. I couldn't help it. There was this big pile of it, all rolled up with packing tape around it, for like $3. But it's a lovely shade of green. I wear lots of green. I don't have any warmer skirts, I generally only wear skirts in summer when it's too hot for jeans. This is lovely heavy-weight cotton (blend?) almost like denim but not quite, and velvety soft, too. I have these plans to make lots of totes and handbags, this fabric would be perfect for that, too. Have had those same plans for years, really. Ever since I began on a certain project something like four or five years ago.... (wait, there might still be a picture in my photobucket album) Okay, so yesterday I finished the tote I started way way back when I was pregnant with my second child. It's gorgeous! I never finished it because I botched the zipper on the inside pocket. So yesterday I ripped out the zipper and finished the pocket without it. So I got this lovely fabric home and it appears to be the bolt end, with some marks on it, but so what? It was really inexpensive, and I really like the color. Seems to be at least four yards of it.

And I found a Vera scarf. Bright orange poppies on a brown background with orange border. 99 cents. yup, had to take that home. Looks so very 70's with the orange and brown, but has the ladybug beside her signature which means it's probably early 60's instead. That woman was so ahead of her time! Justified the expense of purchasing a different scarf with a Picasso painting printed on it for $9 by telling myself I was going to sell the Vera one on ebay. HA!! I already have one Picasso scarf that I purchased in San Diego on my 19th birthday. This "new" one isn't as pretty, but it's twice as large and the colors would match the clothes I wear a bit better.

Did not find but one lone ancient Brother sewing machine (priced way too high, IMO), and no attachments or accessories of any sort for any type of machine. That was my whole reason for going thrifting in the first place. I figured, if Mom got my sewing machine at the thrift store, maybe they'd have the attachments that goes with it, too.

today, hopefully, is the last doctor visit for littlest one. It's just a hearing test. She failed her newborn hearing screen (most likely still had amniotic fluid in her ear canals), and pediatrician and I wanted her retested. She seems to have a slight speech delay to me, especially for a child who talks to adults all day rather than other little kids in daycare. Or maybe my perspective is a bit skewed because of how early big sister was speaking clearly. And she has a cousin with major hearing loss who wears hearing aids. So it's rather important we have it looked into, just in case.

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