Monday, April 23, 2007

why is it

that I have no problem making clothes for my kids, and even letting them wear my creations out in public, but still cannot get up the nerve to try making anything more elaborate than a skirt for myself? (okay, besides my diaper bag and totes and the bathing suit top pattern test I made, and I do indeed plan to make myself a swim suit that really fits.) Perhaps it's partially because even if I use a store-bought pattern, I would still have to alter it to fit. So I did buy some patterns recently. It's kinda funny, though, since I'm the sort of person who just cannot follow directions. I even bought myself a book, and found another in our basement, which hopefully contain those tricks and tips the pattern instructions tend to leave out, but that make sewing much easier and quicker.

And part of it might be that I need my clothes to be nursing-accessible, and don't care for Elizabeth Lee Designs, the only company I know of that makes patterns for nursing clothes. I have a sneaky suspicion it might be those floral prints in the pictures throwing me off. Or maybe it's the hair... Or maybe I just don't like the clothes. So very not me. And even her patterns probably wouldn't fit without alterations (there's got to be other nursing moms out there larger than a C or D cup size), though I can't find a size chart anywhere on her website. Nursing moms shouldn't have to look frumpy or old-fashioned or just plain unattractive!! We should all band together and demand cool clothes! Who's with me?

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Anam_Kihaku said...

definitylk - thats is a horrid photo - i wouldnt buy it.. yikes. I want normal clothes that looks like normal clothes but are actually nursing clothes. and definitly no frills.

as for the kids & clothes.. i dont know but i know i am chicken pants to wear my stuff out.