Friday, June 15, 2007

and more on m-theory and monadology

for those who may be interested:
link1 m-theory
link2 Leibniz's Monadology
granted, those links take you to wikipedia, and are quite limited in depth, and seem to totally miss the whole point... But it's a start, and if you can read that without falling asleep, you might want to grab some more technical books on the subject(s) (there are several English translations of Leibniz's text available online for free). Just don't let what Wikipedia says about these ideas override your own thoughts on the matter when/if you do explore better sources of information.

edit: And just how is this important to me, to my life? I think when scientists do find that unified theory they are seeking, it will change everyone's life, permanently, in a very big way. It will totally change the way we think about ourselves and our place in the "universe." And it won't be technical mumbo-jumbo, it will be totally understandable, even for the smallest child with the most limited vocabulary. I feel as though I have a glimpse of what that theory might look like, but my perspective is much too limited to grasp it in its entirety (hm... I'm probably overcomplicating things instead). I propose that it should be called i-theory...

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