Saturday, June 16, 2007

the spinniest skirt?

It remains to be seen how the recipient of said spinny skirt feels about it, or how she looks in it, but I'm quite pleased with the results.

The sun and moon fabric was originally intended to be curtains for the room originally intended to be a nursery (before I threw out the idea of my babies ever sleeping alone in there). I think the curtains hung there for all of three days before I had to do something different. The dark blue fabric was a babysling I never finished (sorry Elizabeth! I will get you one made by next week when you come visit, I promise!). My girls both helped sew some of the seams, sitting on my lap and guiding the fabric as I pressed the foot controller.
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Sorry, Mom, you might have to make a petticoat or crenolin to go with the skirt if it doesn't hang properly...


Elizabeth said...

Oh my sling, there it is! LOL! That's okay, I'm just glad to see it makes a beautiful skirt!

Heather said...

Rory LOVES it... she wore it Sunday and could not stop spinning all over the place!