Thursday, June 7, 2007

No Child Left Behind?

link Why is it that people are just now realizing the futility of the No Child Left Behind program? Did anyone actually expect it to help the children in any way? Really? They did? Why???? Ooooohhhh, because they "seen it on the TV." I see....

"Ironically, No Child reforms may have the exact opposite effect they were intended to have," said Bruce Fuller, an education and public policy professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

Really? I think the "reforms" have exactly the desired effect. Public schools have never been about educating students, but have always existed to create a compliant workforce that is unquestioning of authority. They even tested these ideas in Tennessee back when Alexander was Governor (he was later made Secretary of Education, I think under that other Bush). The schools were doing such a poor job of educating the students, they decided to make it a federal program!! It was never about education in the first place. When we moved here in the middle of the 4th grade, the other students my age were being "taught" things that had already been presented to me in 2nd grade in Connecticut, or 3rd grade in Virginia. The children being left behind are those who still have a desire to learn. Better hurry up and keep testing them until they lose that instinct, so they can calmly follow the rest of the herd and not be bothered by any of that pesky brain activity.

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