Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I really don't think so. I honestly, truly believe that people like Gandhi and King were right. Why is it so difficult for people to believe in people? I finally got my husband worked up enough to debate these issues with me last night. His entire argument was based on his inability to believe that everyone has good inside them. He really believes that the government (the laws it enforces) protects us from people who would otherwise loot and pillage without fear of consequences. My argument remains that those who wish us harm only do so because they cannot find their inner guide, because they have been told what to do for so long that they are unable to look inside themselves for the answers, because they don't believe in themselves.

So, in theory, the argument goes, what if there were no more governments and authorities telling us what to do anymore? Would people find the strength and power from introspection, or are they so brainwashed that they would continue to believe they are stupid or bad inside? When the abuse stops (and surely someday it must) would those who have been abused see it for what it is and break free of the cycle of abuse, or would they go on to abuse others? Does it have to get really bad before it gets better?

I think the answer and the responsibility lies with the Moms of the world. We must teach our children to trust themselves, first and foremost, because if they cannot believe in themselves, they are being set up to perpetuate this system of abuse. We must teach them respect for people by giving respect to people, all people, regardless of how misguided they may be. My husband conceded the point that perhaps all people have a conscience, an inner sense of right and wrong, but he maintains that there will always be certain people unable or unwilling (in my words, too afraid) to look inside themselves to find it.

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Chris said...

I don't know if the "masses" could handle being free. I think freedom has to be a personal choice, and sadly I think most people who have lived their whole lives as slaves would actually prefer the lack of responsibility slavery gives them.

It is a process though. Freedom needs to be cultivated just like a plant in order to produce good fruit. Like a plant, our little freedom fighters need to be nurtured too.