Tuesday, June 26, 2007

you want more? really?

okay then, try this article on for size...

how interesting that the author is seeing the same things happening that I see, but has such a totally different perspective! All the news right now is simply to get us ready for the "democrats" to save us from the evil "republicans" --while many people still don't recognize they are simply two sides of the same coin, with the exact same agenda. They just have different methodology. I think they waited too long. If they had thrown Bush out of office back in 2001, I'd have believed them and sang the praises of the newly-restored Constitution and would have joined in the burning of the Patriot Act. But it's too late now.

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Jen-Jen said...

I think the author is tied up in the specifics of this country and holding onto the past. Yes, we have a lot of immigrants. We also have a ton of people retiring, and not as many in the younger generation who are still working.

We definitely do have a problem with income disparity in this country -- but so does the rest of the world! What comes around goes around. Buy stuff from countries were people get paid jack squat, and eventually the same wages come home.