Tuesday, June 5, 2007

what if I'm wrong?

If I'm wrong, have I hurt anyone by believing in their right to autonomy, by believing in freedom? I'd much rather be wrong, and hurt noone, than be right and hurt us all by doing nothing about it. Someone asked me this morning if I'd forgotten to take my medication. Does he really believe that I'm crazy, or is he just afraid to think that I might be sane? I didn't ask this person to contact me, he did it on his own. He thinks RFKjr should be the next President of the US. I think that misses the whole point. Electing a new warden will not free us from this prison. As far as I know, RFKjr doesn't even want the job anyway. *sigh*

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David Stanley said...

They say if you are not making mistakes, you are not trying hard enough. It is a healthy thing to question oneself, I have every day since something rather strange put me on the trail of evidencing what is going on a few years back.

I have seen your footprints on the Internet, they are rather special and I look forward to seeing what you will say, I miss it deeply when you don't because you know and know how much it matters.

Questioning yourself is healthy, questioning everything that is going on right now is vital.

Thank you for being you and good luck.