Friday, June 22, 2007

Plato, part 3

The Republic, Book IV
425a But when children play the right games from the beginning and absorb lawfulness from music and poetry, it follows them in everything and fosters their growth, correcting anything in the city that may have gone wrong before-in other words, the very opposite of what happens where the games are lawless.
a lawful citizen would be one who is obedient and does not break or question the rules. Lawlessness in this sense, from my perspective, could be easily equated with autonomy ~stacy
425c At any rate, Adeimantus, it looks as though the start of someone's education determines what follows. Doesn't like always encourage like?
it does.
Parents who enforce their authority rather than encouraging their children's autonomy make it much easier for the schools to create lawful, obedient, unquestioning, people. ~s
And the final outcome of education, I suppose we'd say, is a single newly finished person, who is either good or the opposite.
"good" having been previously determined to mean that which benefits the State ~s

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