Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hawks in suburbia!

If you get up early enough, you can see a pair of hawks in our backyard. They apparently have a nest in the tallest pine tree in the neighbor's yard at the top of the hill. (Neighbor claims it has to be a pterodactyl that's been pooping on his truck.) I only got photos of the one, the other never sat still long enough, and always chose trees instead of power lines.
I never saw what this one caught.
Bunny, squirrel, vole, the neighbor's little rat-like dog...
Here he is as he prepared to swoop down on some juicy critter in our side yard!

in case you are wondering, these pictures were taken from inside our house, looking out the second floor window towards the backyard and neighbor's house behind us. I suppose the change in color between the two photos was from the sunrise.

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