Friday, June 8, 2007

I don't wanna talk about the drought...

...but I'm going to anyway. My lilies are all dead. All of them. Even the tough as nails tiger lilies! Or maybe they just never came up out of the ground, and they are waiting for some water. I don't know. My daylilies didn't bloom this spring either, maybe they are waiting for some rain as well. I watered my 50-year-old gardenia bush last night, and will mulch with a thick layer of compost this morning to help hold water in the soil. Of all my plants, I love that one the most, and it hurts me to see her suffer so. I generally do not water my ornamental plants except the first season after planting them. My veggie garden, however, is doing great, at least the plants that chose to grow are growing well. The compost/leaf mulch pile is holding much water in the soil. I need to figure out how to save my gray water that comes from the kitchen sink and laundry to water my garden with it. The bathroom drains join the sewer at a different place, so it shouldn't be too difficult to separate just the kitchen and laundry and reuse that water instead of letting it go to the sewer. In the meantime, I'll keep praying for rain.

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