Wednesday, June 27, 2007

to my sweet liberal friend...

oh, come on then, tell me what will change? We'll have the Constitution back, but are we not still slaves, dependent upon the few who control the rest of us? Willingly enslaved by promises of freedom...and liberty...and HAPPINESS! Take a good look around you, are most people happy living as slaves? Don't you think most people would rather be doing something else 90% of the time? That doesn't sound happy, doesn't even sound psychologically healthy at all. Will it matter to us, the people, if there's a Democrat puppet playing the role of President? What difference will it make in *my* life? Will I still be told what to do and most especially what not to do, constantly? Never given credit for being able to make decisions myself? Geez, the Democrats like making lots and lots of new laws, telling us what not to do!!

What about yourself? Don't you deserve the chance to decide for yourself what to do, not even once? Think about any major decision you have ever made in your life (major from your own personal perspective). What parts of that decision were influenced by law? influenced by other people's expectations, or what they might think after the fact? How many decisions have you really ever made for yourself? Decisions that were totally, entirely based upon your own personal sense of what is right and what is wrong. Oh, you don't trust your instincts. You are afraid you might be wrong. Well, see, THAT'S THE WHOLE PROBLEM!!!! I don't much care for living in a world where my life is defined by my fears. I'd much rather live in one that is defined by my needs first, and then by my wants and desires. You've read so much material on attachment parenting, surely you can understand this concept. This is how we're raising our kids. Their needs are met, then we figure out ways of meeting their wants and desires without squashing the needs, wants, and desires of others. Including myself. It's very important that my needs are not ignored while helping my children figure out how to fulfil their wishes.

You know, it's really cool how giving my children respect teaches them to respect, not only me, but everyone else. I know my kids are special, but I don't really believe, not for one minute, that they are so much different from all other people. All we need is some respect and the chance to decide for ourselves what is best for us. No, I'm not a perfect parent, but my kids are pretty tough, I'm not going to damage them every time I make a mistake or put my wishes above their needs as long as they never lose their desire to learn and are able to think for themselves, and as long as they know it's okay to question my authority when my wishes are in conflict with theirs. What I want more than anything in the whole world is for my kids to live in a world that respects them and trusts them to know the difference between right and wrong. Don't your children deserve the same?

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