Monday, June 25, 2007

crap! :)

you reckon hawk poo is really good for a garden? (see photo of my garden here - the hawks were just now sitting on top of the A-frame structure along which I was hoping to train gourd vines, dropping large packages right into the compost pile.) Having birds of prey in the neighborhood, eating varmints, surely can't hurt! Did I say that it's four hawks? Two adults, and two sub-adults. My husband and I sat outside and watched the two younger hawks catch, play with, and then consume some furry morsel right there beside my garden yesterday! (Hoping it was one of those dratted bunnies! They left nothing behind, not even one fluff of fur, with which to identify their meal.) Apparently it was a little too large for them to fly off with, eventually they gave up trying to get it up in a tree and ate it on the ground, while their parents watched from a distance. They knew we were watching, but as long as we didn't come too close, it didn't bother them a bit. What magnificent creatures they are! So beautiful!

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