Friday, March 16, 2007


c-c-cold... I knew I should wait before putting our seedlings out in the garden. Good thing I did. Silly me, I turned off our heat and woke up shivering this morning. At least I didn't open the windows last night! Tomorrow morning is supposed to be down to 30 degrees (that's farenheit, I can't figure out celcius conversions, and nobody uses celcius, or is it centigrade, around here anyway). We *always* have one cold spell after my birthday. Once we get past it, I know it's safe to start planting!! :D The kids' watermelons and sunflowers are past transplanting size already, hope they make it. If not, it's a good learning experience, and we still have the rest of the seed packets we can direct sow outdoors.

And just look what my incredible husband made for me last night!

It's a needle for lacing rugs! Here's another photo, with my current work in progress:

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