Monday, March 12, 2007

This morning

I woke before the sun rose, but just barely. I stitched patches on the knees of several pairs of DH's work jeans. Just because we got him some new pants that have reinforced knees doesn't mean he can't still wear the old jeans just because he has worn holes in the knees. I called the pediatrician and set up an appointment for little one's physical exam prior to the surgery to have her teeth fixed. I also called the hospital and answered all their questions and got her pre-registered (I think they call it). And I managed to do all that, and more, before noon! I love getting up early, I get so much more done than if I sleep too late. I also put the old netflix dvd's in the mailbox, and put The Magic Flute at the top of the kid's cue. They are big into opera right now, and really like that "Pa-pa-pa-pa-gay-nah". I just hope the movie comes with english subtitles so we know what's going on.

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