Thursday, March 15, 2007

look what I'm making now!

No, it's not perfect, but it is my first attempt and I know what I did wrong and what I will do differently the next time.

It's a braided rug (rather, the beginnings of one anyway), made of strips of old bath towels that I dyed blue. As far as instant gratification goes, this was a great project for me. Went fast enough that it didn't tax my short attention span. It's very fluffy and squooshy, and will feel wonderful under my feet as I step out of the shower each day.
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while I stitched the braided rags into a rug, the girls and I enjoyed The Magic Flute, and DH enjoyed Down From the Mountain. Really, we all loved both movies. Yes, we got two Netflix movies in the mail yesterday, one opera and the other bluegrass, and had to watch both of them, back-to-back. You got a problem with that? ;-)

We have been really enjoying this beautiful weather, up to 80 degrees the last couple days (which I consider to be the perfect temperature outdoors). I wish I had gotten photos of the girls' picnic up in the tower of their play set. I wanted them to eat, they wanted to go outside, so we did both and it worked wonderfully. We are spending more and more time outside and less and less time indoors. I have been working on the yard, at least the backyard anyway, while the girls run and play. I really need to do something about my front flowerbeds. And, I also need to snap a photo of the metal flamingo DH made and stuck in the front yard, but first I need to thin out my bulbs and perennials and get rid of all those weeds, then decide where Ms. Flamingo would like to live.

Looks like rain today, so maybe I can get caught up with the dirty dishes. *sigh* I really hate washing dishes. Someday Santa has got to bring me a dishwasher...

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