Tuesday, March 27, 2007

puzzles for kids

My oldest child loves working puzzles and word and number games. I stumbled upon this site without even trying, I clicked an ad for it I saw elsewhere. Anyway, there's free printable puzzles and such, though I don't know about their age categories. For my almost-six-year-old, I printed two puzzles that seemed on her level, one each from the 3-4 year and the 9-10 year age groups. puzzles4kids.com

My three-year-old would not be interested in these things yet, so to be fair I suppose I will print out some coloring pages for her. I have quite a few links to printable coloring pages. Why, I do not know, seeing as how the coloring book shelf is overflowing! Anyway, here's my favorite one, the one I go to first when child needs to color a specific something. Plus, they have lots of mandalas, which I sometimes like to color myself when the girls really want me to participate.

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