Tuesday, March 13, 2007

some of the simplest things make me so very happy

My clothesline has finally been restrung!! I love the smell of line-dried clothes and the feeling of crunchy towels and blue jeans. And the sunshine is the best-ever stain remover (I am always spilling and sloshing mess on myself). I also dug in my compost/leaf pile yesterday afternoon, starting to prepare the garden spot for planting (ha! more stains!). My compost tumbler is history, though. It was the most wonderful gift from my very best friend ever, and it worked great for many years. Only problem was it was made of biodegradable "earth-friendly" plastic, and it eventually started to biodegrade, I suppose. I emptied the rich black contents of said composter and mixed it into the leaves from last fall in the hopes it will speed up the decomposing process, but if not, no biggie, they make great mulch, too. I promised my husband that the compost will not be ugly or stinky. I'm going to use the back 1/3 of where my garden was last year for the compost, and focus on growing fewer things but taking much better care of them. Now all I need is a container with a lid to contain kitchen scraps. Surely I can find something around here that will do the job...

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