Monday, March 5, 2007

chimp woman no more!

Yesterday I shaved my legs for the first time in ?three years! I wouldn't bother except my hair is very dark, very long, and very thick, and my skin is lily white, which makes for a not-so-attractive body/self image. So I got over my reluctance to the pain and itching involved and just did it. I also ran a little experiment. On my left leg, I shaved against the hair growth, up my leg, as I have always done. On my right leg, I shaved with the hair growth, down my leg instead. The left leg was much more closely shaven, and had much fewer spots where I had missed some hairs. The right leg was slightly less red afterwards, but had more cuts and was quite prickly, and had many spots where I just could not remove all the hair. So to heck with DH's advice to shave the direction the hair grows, it just doesn't work even if it did irritate my skin slightly less that way (it felt the same, just appeared less irritated). The next thing you know, I'll be swimming in the public pool at the Y... NOT! Okay, well, maybe, with the kids... :O

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Heather said...

wow... I don't think I've ever even seen your hairy legs! lol. Have fun itching ;-) I've shaved pretty much since my mother (who hasn't shaved in about 20 years) told me that I was a monkey and should go shave. hehehe... she used to call me the missing link(e)