Tuesday, March 6, 2007

inspired, or just insane?

I was browsing around etsy this morning, and found quite a few skirts I really really want! Problem is, my sewing machine and all my fabric is put up for the time being, until I can get the "junk room" cleaned out and a king sized bed in there. Yeah, sure, I could set up my machine on a folding tv dinner tray... but... then it will just sit there for months before I put it away. And my littlest one likes playing with the sewing machine, all those wonderful knobs and switches and things. So, can I justify purchasing some really fabulous skirts from these other mamas even though I'm perfectly able to make similar items myself?
This one, in particular, I just love, and I think I could justify buying it to use as a pattern to make more of my own skirts from it! And just dig the colors in this one! And that one is made with that spiral pattern I wanted to try (I managed to make Barbie a spiral skirt, but never translated that into human dimensions). I now have 15 favorite sellers, and I keep running across more... Oh, no! I just can't stop.... I think I'll have to set up my sewing stuff to get it all out of my system. Now that my fabric is organized by fiber content, finding matching material won't be such a chore, and I'm much less likely to go out and purchase more if I can use what I already have!

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