Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring!

busy busy busy.... But except for the doctor's appointment and the actual surgery itself, I have (I hope) jumped through all the hoops as requested by my daughter's dentist prior to having her teeth capped.

In celebration of Spring's official arrival, the children and I are going to start planting in our garden. Yeah, it might be too early, but it might not be. It's very cloudy and overcast, but I bet the rain will hold off. Digging in the earth yesterday, I noticed our garden spot is chock full of worms. Worms are my littlest one's favorite critter, she will carry one around with her while playing outside and call it her "baby wormie friend" until it starts languishing, at which point I gently ask if she would like to put him back in our garden where he will help the plants grow. In a very similar vein, at her dentist appointment back in January, she brought her precious snakey. All the other little kids had cuddly toys or blankies with them, but my sweet little girl was carrying around a very realistic rubber black-headed python. LOL

and wonder of all wonders, I beleive I'm going to update the frog blog today or maybe tomorrow! Just need to take some photos next time I feed them.

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