Friday, March 23, 2007

coming soon

so yesterday I spent a whopping $5 at Goodwill on a skirt and blouse. No, not to wear, but rather to reconstruct into something else. The skirt will be another skirt, because I really love the fabric it was made of. Taking it apart at the seams, I realized it was not originally a store-bought item but something someone else had sewn. Oh well, they gave it to the thrift store, and it wasn't very pretty the way it was, and it didn't look as though it had ever been worn. The blouse is a turquoise blue color reminiscent of the early 1990's, but was half-price and good quality linen fabric. It will make a really nice apron (my original intent) or possibly a skirt because I have some cotton eyelet fabric that would go perfectly with that shade of blue. Only problem now is to get the scent of Gain detergent out of them! The plan is to put them on my etsy shop, and if they sell, buy more 2nd hand clothes to reconstruct.

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